Darkness at 2:31!!!!

Darkness at 2:31!

President Trump tweeted

North Korea and Venezuela have managed to use crooked – stolen technology from fine American Industries TO BLOT OUT THE SUN!!!!  SAD!!!……

New Tweet

  ….So we will now BUILD A DOME WITH CLEAN COAL POWRRED LIGHTS  over the entire United States and the CHINESE will pay for it!!  We will MAKE AMERICA LIGHT AGAIN #MALA

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later said the President’s statement speaks for itself and she could think of nothing to add….

Happy Eclipse Day!!  I’m in Oak Ridge Tennessee waiting for totality!

PS – my wife says to tell you I made this up! Too many people will think he really tweeted it!!  SAD!




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One thought on “Darkness at 2:31!!!!”

  1. Rules of eclipse

    1 don’t be the guy that goes blind
    2 you’ll talk to complete strangers you’d never talk to in “real life”
    3 dogs don’t care
    4 keep clothes on during totality – there’s still light
    5 hope the sun won’t fry iPhones
    6 take pictures – but don’t forget to look!
    7 totality! This thing lasts for hours
    8 hope that the slowly getting darker part is the eclipse not you frying your eyes!!
    9 temperature getting cooler – another reason to keep clothes on
    10 when else would retirees from Ohio meet stoner kids from Pennsylvania and hill folk from Tennessee at the same time
    11 don’t keep singing Carly Simon song (you’re so vain)
    12 either watch for bugs or close your mouth while you’re watching
    13 don’t be the guy who yells “where’s the sun!”
    14 don’t blink – it’s over!!

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