Introduction to “Trump World”

I’m Marty Dahlman. I spent most of my career teaching government and coaching track and cross country, and a lot of my spare time working on politics (from local to national campaigns.) In this age of “identification” you can put my ideology in the Liberal column (I hate the new-speak “Progressive”) and politically in the Democratic party. Now you’ve got me categorized, it might be time to “turn me off.”  That’s what we do in this new political world: “turn off” any ideas that might conflict with our own: ideas that might pierce our little bubble.

With the election of President Trump, many of us were looking for a way to contribute to “the Resistance.” My niece, who had the opportunity (curse?) of listening to our family political conversations for her entire life, suggested that I blog about what’s going on in politics and the new administration. I started in February of 2017, and posted the 100th blog in the beginning of November. So here it is: welcome to my version of Trump World.


Marty Dahlman – 1977 (wish I could find that hat!!)

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